January 18, 2012 | By: Tracy

Ode to Chace Crawford

So, I'm boy crazy. To those who know me this is no big secret. But there are a couple men I swear were born for the sole purpose of making my eyes happy. One of those aforementioned men is Chace Crawford!
(Henry Cavill is the other, but that's another post for another time).

For all the hours of pretty he has given me-- newly converted Gossip Girl fan, here-- I wanted to give a little something back. Hence....

Tracy's Ode to Chace Crawford

My darling Chace, oh how I love you


I love you when you're scruffy


and when you're all GQ


I love you when you're smiling


and when you're sultry too


I love you when you're sporty, baseball cap and all


But if my preppy boy should stumble, I will catch you when you fall


I love you when you're shirtless


or in a suit of gray or blue


Chace, you're the only one for me

But your friends are pretty hot too!

To the guys who read this far, thanks for indulging in some girl humor.

And to the ladies...who's your "pretty pretty"?

12 witty remarks:

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Ooooh, a whole page of Daniel, I mean Chase. :D

Nice choice, Tracy!

Meredith said...

Aw, he's such a cutie. I might like him best in the baseball cap. :)

Jen Chandler said...

This is funny :D Loved it!

My "pretty pretty" are never on anyone's list. I have a rather odd list.


Patti said...

He's pretty hard to compete with.

Colene Murphy said...

Bahaha! Omg...that was hilarious. And delicious. Sooooo delicious. Funny, I just got turned on to GG a couple weeks ago! Or a month ago...I lose track of time with all the hot on that show. It's funny how much characters and the things they do can annoy the beegeezus out of me, but I still keep watching.

Nicole Ducleroir said...

Now my eyes are happy too! :)))

Rusty Webb said...

I'll be honest with you, all those guys looked really similar to one another.

Just kidding.

Justine Dell said...

IAN SOMERHALDER! *swoon* I admit to being addicted to Vampire Diaries for the sole purpose of watching him.


Kari Marie White said...

Where can I find this stud of epic proportions? I must say scruffy does it for me every time. Although, I might have to agree with Justine, Ian Somerhalder makes my heart pitter patter.

Janet Johnson said...

LOL! What a great poem. :) Well, my husband is my first pretty pretty, but I like to joke about Orlando Bloom. But that goes WAY back. I haven't even looked for a LOOONG while.

LTM said...

yessss... :D <3

alexia said...

He's pretty cute... someone up there mentioned TVD. There's a ton of cute supernatural bad boys on that show :)

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