April 19, 2010 | By: Tracy

Change of Pace

So, in order to keep things fresh, I decided to try blogging at night instead of the morning -- at least for this week.

Unfortunately, I ran into another case of my Rain Man tendency, so I spent the last two hours playing around with the layout of my blog as opposed to writing an entry or responding to others. Not the most productive use of my time, I know. Did I NOT just make a post admonishing myself over my bouts of procrastination? I need an intervention.

I did restart the query process this week though. I've decided to do one a day. That way it doesn't feel so overwhelming, and hopefully if there are rejections to be had they won't all come rolling in on the same day.

Speaking of queries ...


Jim McCarthy of DGLM posted a contest on their blog. Between now and 4/22 (Thursday), Jim offers bloggers the chance to post the first line of their manuscript in the comments section. He'll choose a handful of his favorites to be offered up for a vote ... and the winner gets a full manuscript review from Mr. McCarthy -- wait for it -- without having to submit a query!!!

Seriously, if you haven't gone over there already ... DO IT!

Also, blogging buddy Mary McDonald is going to post her interview with published author John Hemry, on her blog tomorrow (Tuesday), so go take a look.

Now, I'm going to go watch the Orioles try to pull out their third win of the season -- I know, you don't have to say it -- and try not to do any further unnecessary fiddling with my blog.

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Terry Towery said...

I don't know how your Orioles did, but my Cubs SUCK. They actually got blown out by the ... wait for it ... the freaking Mets! Can you believe it? Gah.

Good luck with your querying. When you get published, try to remember us litte guys. 'K?


Matthew Rush said...

Best of luck with the queries (and the Orioles) Tracy!

Thanks for the contest linkage, sounds awesome!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I like your new background! Very spring-y:)

Best of luck querying. My fingers are crossed for you!

Tracy said...

Terry - Let's just put it this way -- The Orioles have ordered air conditioning and new paint for the basement, because it doesn't look like we're getting out of it any time soon. And puh-leeze. I read your snippet from your second story. You need to get your butt out there and get the publishing deal -- you'd probably beat me to it!

Matthew - No problem for the link. Just know that if you DO win I might end up glowering at you with jealousy for a few minutes. Jim is, at the moment, my number one choice if I could choose any agent I wanted.

Nicole - Thanks! I figured with all the baseball talk I do in this thing, I really needed to do something to make the place look a little more girly. Ya know, to help balance things out. :o)

Shannon said...

I'm digging the new background. It looks good!

Best of luck with the queries. Keep us updated!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

thanks for the contest link! hmmm, I didn't think of you as a purple fan ...

Mary McDonald said...

Thanks for the plug and also for posting the contest link. Awesome! I entered, but was too scared to read the other entrants. lol. Just one line is, like, yikes.

Shelley Sly said...

Beautiful new layout!

Best of luck with queries; keep us posted if you get any requests. And thanks for the link for the contest. :)

Hope the Orioles start doing better. (In the staff lounge today, I heard a teacher say that one of her 4th graders wrote an essay on "My Favorite Team: The Baltimore Oreos" haha.)

Tracy said...

Shannon - Thanks! I'll do my best, good and bad. Hopefully more good than bad though.

Jessica - At the risk of destroying the "girly" image I was going for. Purple is the color of the Baltimore Ravens football team. :o)

Mary - No prob, on the pimping or the contest notice. There are some really good first lines posted already. I'm hoping mine makes the cut, but there's some pretty stiff competition!

Shelley - That's adorable! I've been a fan since I was so little that I actually grew up calling them "Oriole cookies". ha ha

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