June 22, 2010 | By: Tracy

You Know You're Good When...

You know you're a good writer when you leave me mourning for people who've been dead for five centuries!!

This has been a depressing year for me in TV land. I don't watch much television, so it is rather disturbing that so many of the shows I do enjoy have come to an end. First LOST and now .... The Tudors. *sobs*

What I loved about this show (aside from all the pretty actors - specifically the three in the middle) was the powerful writing. IMO, Michael Hirst is a genius. He was able to show us these historical figures we mostly think of as blocks of text in history books, and gave us a chance to see them as the humans they were.

Henry VIII is often portrayed as a monster. And given the fact that he did have two of his wives beheaded, you can see where that rumor got its momentum. The show didn't skirt around the obvious flaws in his decisions and actions, but it gave a glimpse into the events in all their lives that lead up to those moments.

If you haven't watched the show, it won't make sense to you. But if you did watch, then you can probably understand why I felt like I'd lost several friends forever the moment it ended. I'm not exaggerating, I took it hard.

Anyway, it required an extremely gifted writer to bring the dead back to life, even if for only a little while. For that, I wanted to give him a moment of thanks and recognition.

Dear "Supernatural" and "The Vampire Diaries",
If you even think about leaving me, I swear I will stalk you until you regret it.
 Love, Tracy

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aLmYbNeNr said...

I am SO sad that The Tudors is over. I've been a fan of the dynasty for a looong time and was really excited when the show came out. I really wish they would have just continued with Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth. They should have just called it Henry VIII and his six wives instead.

Tracy said...

Well, I know that Michael Hirst had originally wanted to tell the story of Henry VIII and his wives. I really hope though, after a short break, he decides to return to finish the Tudor Dynasty.

How can you NOT do a series about Elizabeth?! I would fall for the story between her and Robert Dudley from the first episode, I guarantee it!

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