August 6, 2010 | By: Tracy

Time to get Twitterpaited, pt 2.

Happy Friday, All. It’s been another busy week, but it looks like we made it through. Hoo-hah!

Okay. So the other day I offered tips on what I believe to be good Twittering. Now I’ll follow up with what I believe to be a decent list of things NOT to do.

Twitter Don’ts

Please don’t treat us to a litany of the food you eat on a daily basis: Yes, we’re all very proud of how well you’ve been doing on that new diet of yours, but unless we ASK you what you’re eating. We. Honestly. Don’t. Care. The occasional self-indulgent pat-on-the-back is fine, but remember: food tweets are like calories, less is almost always better!

Don’t become a serial tweeter: It's not good form to get into the habit of posting more than 2-3 tweets in a row. Seriously, if you’ve got that much to say why aren’t you blogging it instead? If we see this we'll totally skim right over your tweets. (This rule does not apply to you if you happen to be a celebrity. I mean, duh, you’re famous so obvious we really want to know what you’re thinking every second of the day!)

Tweeting solely for “marketing” is annoying: That isn’t to say you can’t update about your upcoming book, album, blog post, strip-o-gram services, etc. It just means we aren’t stupid. If it’s the ONLY thing you ever update about your tweets will receive the same amount of attention from us as the spam in our email inboxes. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, okie?

Don’t pull out Tweet Deck while you’re drunk: Trust me, we WILL -- especially if we’re your “friends” -- Re-tweet your various BOOTY CALL attempts to our follower lists, just to make sure you don’t forget about them when you’re sober. (Actually, this one is kind of fun. Please disregard.)

And lastly…

Stop bitching all the time: We all need a good vent every now and again, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you use Twitter as your own personal form of therapy rather than telling your boss, sister, boyfriend, baby daddy, etc., how you really feel – the only thing you’ll succeed in doing is to become an annoying downer. It’s not the right place to constantly release your displeasure onto the world, do us all a favor, stop being cheap and get a shrink!

Have a happy weekend all!!

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Shelley Sly said...

Agreed, agreed, agreed! I don't use Twitter, but I read plenty of friends' Twitters (and many of my friends have Twitter linked with their Facebook status) and all of these things are freakin annoying! Hope the right people get this message. ;)

Matthew Rush said...

I still don't really get twitter, but here's a poem I wrote about it anyway:

My life: Fluttering tenaciously within my breast.
Distilled into 140 characters or less.

KarenG said...

I don't know what tweet deck is LOL! And I must admit I'm guilty of serial tweeting sometimes. I like these lists. Twitter is relatively so new that it's really good to get advice like this when you're starting out.

Guinevere said...

Thanks for the do's and don't... I'm a Twitter-er, but relatively new to it.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Hi Tracy! I'm so glad I visited today, 'cause I'm brand new on Twitter and have been searching for these kinds of tips. Yay! Thanks!!

In just a couple days, I've noticed a couple people I follow who have hours-long reply conversations with each other. Ugh. I wish they'd DM, because frankly I'm not interested in what they're gabbing about. I felt like it was bad etiquette, but wasn't sure until I read this post.

I'm off to read the first post you did. Thanks so much for the helpful info!

Your blog looks awesome, btw. Great background colors!

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