October 12, 2010 | By: Tracy


Hi, my name is Tracy and I’m a Twitterholic.

There, I said it. I’m over the first hurdle.

Okay, so in all seriousness, I wouldn’t call my love for Twitter an addiction, because I have it well in hand. I do it simply because I enjoy seeing what others have to say. Or maybe I’m just really a voyeur at heart. *shrugs*

Anyway… when boredom strikes and my ADD kicks into high gear, Twitter is there for me. Now, I follow plenty of sports folk (both fans and players) and pretty much the entire cast of Vampire Diaries, so I have those important aspects of my life covered…but I want to beef up my writing community tweeters.

This is where I need your help, you guys!! If you have a twitter account and I’m not following you already let me know. I also want to build a list in my sidebar of any fellow authors (from newbies to well-established) and agents/editors. So send me the names/twitter handles of people in the writing community that you enjoy. (And yes, please leave your own in there so I can include you too!!)

If you don’t have a Twitter account already and feel left out, I’m so sorry. You should totally go get one though. *Peer Pressure*

So, here are a couple of my favorites to get us started:

kierstenwhite : Kiersten used to be one of us, now she’s one of them. But she’s darn good at it and her first novel is selling very well. So obviously, she’s doing something right, and she’s just so darn likeable.

Michellerowen : Michelle is probably in my Top 10 of favorite tweeters to read. She has a very easy-going, charming sense of humor (fits in perfectly with the fun, paranormal chic lit she writes) and I find myself never skimming over her tweets, because I want to see what she says next.

RichelleMead : Richelle is the author of my favorite YA series, so of course I stalk her online. No restraining orders, so I’m doing good. She’s got a pretty good balance of writer stuff and daily snark.

Janet_Reid : I don’t really think the Shark needs any introduction.

NathanBransford : Again, Nathan isn’t new to most of us. He’s one of the funniest, down-to-earth agents/writers I’ve come across. He doesn’t post too often, but when he does it’s usually worth the read.

BookEndsJessica : Jessica Faust from BookEnds. Be forewarned, Jessica is as straight forward in her tweets as she is in everything else. But she’s a great one to follow to get a feel for an agents day/mood. Not to mention, if you're up early on the east coast you'll often catch her taking a few minutes to answer #askagent quetions in the morning.

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Misty Waters said...

I am VERY new to the Twitter. Just found Richelle this morning! YAY! LOVE her. I follow Cassandra Clare, too. Tweeted her this morning to tell her that her book kept me up all night. That was fun for me. And I follow Nathan B. My follow list is pretty small and I don't really get all the ins and outs yet, but I'm working on it.
P.S. Final VA this year!!?? *squee!* How excited am I? Crazy excited.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I don't have a Twitter account. I'm intentionally avoiding it because I know it will be a giant time-suck, and I don't have any time left to spare! LOL. :-)

Shelley Sly said...

I want to join Twitter, believe me. And I probably will sometime in the future. Right now, I have hardly enough time to dedicate to writing and blogging. But when I do join, I'll "follow" you. :)

Justine Dell said...

OMG--I've missed you! I would love for you to do a basic read-through of my stuff. That's perfect!

I'm nervous, though. Jaime had said your book was really, REALLY, good. Eep.

drop me an email:


Jen Daiker said...

I've been on twitter for awhile now but I'm just starting to get the hang of it so I'm not addicted yet... blogger is a whole other story though!!

I'd love to follow you so I'll try and find your twitter button and you can look out for me!!!

Thanks for the others listed!!!

Jen Daiker said...

Couldn't link your twitter so here is my addy: http://twitter.com/#!/jenunedited

adam.purple said...

I can't believe that no one has commented, "Hi, Tracy!" in response to your first line.

I guess I'm one of the few who still goes to the meetings.

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