November 15, 2010 | By: Tracy

I’m A Writer Groupie Now

Being a groupie (the non-sexual connotation) is nothing new to me.

I spent my pre-teens following New Kids on the Block.

I spent my late teens/early twenties following Nsync.

Last year, I spent over $1,000 on my New Kids on the Block Reunion Tour obsession. Seriously, you don’t get seats this close without forking over some serious moolah. 

Now, I’ve moved on to stalking my favorite writers.

In case you haven’t noticed the little ticker I’ve got going on over to the left somewhere (I’m not actually inside the blog, so I can’t point to it specifically) I’m eagerly anticipating the final book in Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series coming out next month.

I'm so excited (and apprehensive) because this is the wrap-up of my first ever series. I didn’t pick up a any of the Twilight books until after the first movie came out... and I haven’t read a single Harry Potter to date. With the exception of Anne Rice’s vampires (I love me some Lestat)--most of which came out either before I was born or while I was still in grade school (the good ones at least)—most of the books I’ve read have been single titles.

Vampire Academy is the first time I’ve gotten hooked on a series (though I also really like her succubus series too) and because of that I’d really like to meet Richelle.  Which, if all goes well, next month Misty and I will be doing just that. We're planning to road trip it to Pennsylvania to meet up with part of her signing tour forThe Last Sacrifice”!!

I’m going to do my best not to go all freaky fan girl. That being said, Richelle’s is a career I wouldn’t mind emulating. Not saying I want to BE her, because I kind of like being me to be honest. But what Richelle has done is created a cast of characters that have gotten in my head & heart and continue to stay there long after I’ve finished reading the books. That's what I want to do.

Have you ever gotten a chance to meet a favorite author? Have you had to make a road trip out of it? If not, is there someone you'd totally haul it to one of your surrounding states (or countries for the internationals) to get a chance to meet?

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salarsenッ said...

No road trips for me. But I'd love to! Sounds exciting. I think it's wonderful you're doing it. I'm a series girl, myself. If I relate or get hooked on a character...I'm done.

Enjoy yourself on your trip.

Lydia Kang said...

I've never met a favorite author (they never come to my town!) but I would love to. Maybe at a writer's conference some day.

Matthew Rush said...

So cool. I'm sure you'll have a great time!

Candyland said...

Sounds like fun! I haven't road-tripped for an author, but I've met my fav band dudes several times chasing them around the country.

Patti said...

That sounds like a great idea. I think I need a road trip, but will have to wait until after the snow melts.

Janet Johnson said...

Sounds like fun! I have never done the road trip thing, but with the right crowd, it would be a blast. :) Enjoy!

adam.purple said...

So what happens on the road trip, stays on the road trip?

Hope you have a great time.

Misty Waters said...

I am so super excited about this trip, girl!! Oh, and I get to talk to you about the Succubus Series, too!!! OMG, I love those. "Ah, men." That scene will forever stand out to me. No clue why, but it made me laugh and now I can't forget about it. (And I'm real sorry if you don't know which scene that is. We'll talk.)

YAY! :) My first signing EVA!

(Yes. I'm a little excited.)

Shannon said...

No author meetings yet. (Yet!) Stephen King is in Maine, maybe I'll go looking for him, heh.

Enjoy your new crush!

Melissa said...

I've never met ANY authors..... I know, I feel like a tool. I plan on changing that... someday. I just never find out about them coming near me until it's too late.

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