November 11, 2010 | By: Tracy

Things I Wonder About

I try to keep my brain working in some sort of sequential order, but I have to be honest and say I’m fairly sure I have borderline ADHD. Not enough to require medications, but enough to make it so I sometimes struggle to keep random questions from jumping into my head without warning. Here are some of the thoughts--believe it or not--that have reoccurred more than once. Probably because I haven’t figured out a plausible answer yet.

-- How do dogs not get freaked out that our “coats” change on a daily basis? I know if I came home and my pups looked a little bit different each time I would find that extremely unsettling. Yet my dogs don't give me a second look unless I'm holding food or a toy...or something they believe might be food or a toy.

-- What happens to book signings when e-books predominantly rule the world? Signing a picture of the author (like actors/actresses do at their signings) would seem kind of…bizarre. Not to mention there are a few whose pictures would scare me.

-- Why does Canada have Thanksgiving in October while the US celebrates in November? Did all the original settlers move to the Great White North and we’re really the second string that didn’t get here until a month and a half later?

-- Are the people in the E-Harmony commercials *REAL* couples? They say they’re real couples, but I’m not entirely sure I buy it. I’m always half expecting to be out & about one day and see one of the guys with another woman.

-- Why do Charlie Brown & The Peanuts Gang continue to hang out with Lucy? Let’s be honest, she’s kind of a bitch. Since she’s always snarky & mean, yelling at her “friends” telling them what idiots they are…why don’t they ignore her until she leaves? Maybe her mom is the PTA captain, I don’t know, but it bothers me.

Trust me, I could go on and on. I try to tell myself everyone has these thoughts, and it's not really strange to be so...random. Feel free to share any wonderings you have to help make me feel a little less "Tracy". Oh, and if you happen to have any answers for these let me know, because it would be nice to clear out some room in my head!

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Saumya said...

Haha, I have random thoughts all the time. You are awesome for sharing yours!

Janet Johnson said...

I've always wondered about the Lucy thing. But then, it's like that in real life, too. Go figure. :)

Melissa said...

You aren't alone. I have crazy random thoughts all of the time. They never really go away and are always swimming around.

Though, I'm not sure that's much help considering I've always thought I had ADD and a lot of people tried to make my mom put me on medication when I was growing up:teachers, doctors, family friends - who are no longer family friends.

Madeleine said...

Yes I have crazy random thoughts. My husband smiles patiently at me when I voice them.
Isn't Lucy the sister of one of Charlie's friends so she's hard to avoid? She's one of life's conundrums ;O)

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