July 5, 2011 | By: Tracy

There's Nothing Quite Like Your First Time

Ever wonder why so many of us (non-young adults) can't seem to get enough of reading stories about teenage love? Not that some YA can't get pretty steamy, but there are far smokier scenes in adult romance novels. So why do we still love our regular doses of young love?

Some of my guesses?

We Miss Being the Center of Attention

Bella & Edward - Twilight
There is nothing like that rush of realizing -- for the first time -- that his sun (pardon the pun, Edward) rises and sets for you. Adult men have just as many responsibilities as we do. A teenage guy can make the girl of his dreams the center of his world.

Their Complicated Isn't Really So Complicated
Elena & Stefan  - Vampire Diaries
It may not feel that way, but our lives are fairly unfettered during our teenage years. Emotionally challenging, you bet, but most are spared the worrying about bills, mortgage payments, shuttling the kids to soccer practice. A teenage girl can enjoy falling in love without a mile long To-Do list waiting for her when she gets home.

You Can Only Experience Your First Time Once
Joey & Pacey - Dawson's Creek

First kiss. First love. First sexual experience. First heartbreak. Those things only come along once, and because we don't have any experience with them all our senses are running full tilt. We're constantly caught in a state between terrified and exhilarated.

We Still Believe Fairy Tale Endings Are Possible
Sam & Austin  - A Cinderella Story

Not that we all turn into jaded shrews as we age. . . but after we suffer a broken heart or two, we often  guard our emotions a little more carefully. After we lose our first love, we tend look at new romantic partners with the hope that he'll turn out to be our Prince Charming. Whereas the first time we fell in love we were sure it was going to last forever.

Those are just some of the reasons why I think I tend to get swept up so easily in a good YA romance. How about you?

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Charmaine Clancy said...

That must be it, because I love YA too. I think the love stories are more believable because, as you say, life is less complicated so you can think the world will end if you don't get the boy of your dreams. Now days we'd just go 'eh' and move on.

erica and christy said...

Very cute post (and thanks for Joey and Pacey, haven't thought of them in awhile!). I think now, after being with my husband for 16 years, not only would I never want to lose him, but I'd NEVER want to date again!! Way too much to think about to add that in. (not exactly the right attitude for falling in love!)

Patti said...

I think it's all about reliving the firsts. And although I love reading about them, I with Erica and Christy I'd never want to go back and physically relive them.

Angie Paxton said...

I think you nailed the appeal of YA exactly.

Kari Marie said...

God knows I love a good steamy adult romance, but there really is something about experiencing it again in YA - for all of the reasons you listed. *sigh*

amr said...

that is a romantic post
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Cinders said...

I found your post interesting because I'm writing something similiar right now.

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