April 30, 2010 | By: Tracy

Friday Catch-All

Last night, I received a rejection on another query. This one didn't bother me as much, since the only material sent was the query letter & she wasn't one of my "dream" agents. She's still an excellent agent, but I think it hurts a little more when it's one you reeeeaaaally wanted.

It didn't sting like some of the others before it did (maybe I'm growing more tolerant of rejection?), but it does cause the doubt weasels to pop-up. Was it my query letter? Did she open it at a bad time? Is my idea not anywhere near as close to interesting as I thought it was? What if no one else asks to see my partials?

Instead of letting it get inside my head though, I'm using it as proof that I need to get on the ball and send out more queries!! I've been far too casual about the whole process. I need to be more aggressive going forward.

Current Query Stats (including the stats from the OLD query letter):
Queries Sent: 9
Rejections: 6
Partials Requested: 1
Fulls Requested: 0
Rejection of Requested: 0

Blog Update -- Starting next week, I'm cutting back to posting 3 entries a week (Mon, Wed, Fri). I want to be able to spend the off days catching up on the other blogs I don't get around to as much, because I'm spending so much time on my own. I LOVE blogging, but I have to find a way to cut down on how time consuming it can be, so I can spend more time on the silly thing we call writing. I think this way will work -- however, I allow myself the opportunity to change my mind whenever I choose!

Happy Friday, All!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Jessica Bell said...

You've only sent out nine? Crikey! I've sent out 60! 30 to 40 rejections, one full, two partials. LOL you so need to send out more. It's got to the point where I see a reply from an agent and just expect the 'sorry blah blah ...'

Matthew MacNish said...

Sorry about the rejection Tracy, just think of it as a badge of honor. EVERYONE gets rejected and if you're not then you're not sending out queries.

Best of luck with your MS as always!

Oh and don't worry about cutting back, we'll still come read when you do post.

Today's guest blogger is The Alliterative Allomorph!

Unknown said...

Hey, I've sent out about 80 so far with just one partial request. So, when people post their stats, it never makes me feel better. lol. Mine are much worse. Keep your head up, you're doing fine. Oh, and I got TWO rejects yesterday. I expect I'll get a few more today.

Tracy said...

Jessica - Can I just tell you how much it made my day that you said "Crikey"!! You can take the girl out of Aussie, but you can't take the Aussie out of the girl. And I already see an agent reply and expect it to be a rejection ... better to be pleasantly surprised, lol

Matthew - Thanks. I'm sure I'll have a shiny, big old badge by the time things are done.

Mary - I'm sorry about the double rejection in one day... I can only imagine how NOT FUN that was. I've read the start of your story (the revised version) and I'm not sure what more you've got to do to get the partials rolling in. I think it's very gripping...don't you give up either!

Unknown said...

Bummer about the rejection, but you're attitude is great. And as Jessica said in her interview today over on Matthew's blog (they've both commented here before me, so I won't link his blog), agents who don't ask for a couple pages/chapters of the work aren't being fair to writers. Maybe we can write amazing fiction but our query letters are just eh.

Best of luck with it! Have a great weekend. LOVE the Friday casual funny!

Unknown said...

You're attitude ?? Sorry for the typo! I meant your attitude. *realizes it's time overdue for second cup of coffee*


Shelley Sly said...

I admire you for remaining so positive in the query process. Keep going, girl! I'm hoping to hear some good news on that partial, but regardless, you're still early in the process. I think you're doing really well!

Terry Towery said...

I'm right there with you, Tracy! Watching the Gmail in-basket, knowing in my heart that it will be a rejection. I guess if it was easy, accomplishing it someday wouldn't be as sweet, you know?

I'll miss your daily blogs, but I will be here when you do blog. I might cut back, too. It gets to be a bit much, doesn't it?

Tahereh said...

hang in there! the rejections are just a part of the ride. you've got a great attitude and i'm sure you'll go far :D

best of luck with everything!!

Shannon said...

Hang in there Tracy. It's a numbers game. And, don't doubt yourself. I love the premise of your novel.

Oh, I mentioned you on my blog today. Hope that's okay. :)


Tracy said...

Nicole - Ya know, you totally could have gotten away with that, because I skipped right over your typo until you pointed it out. Either way, thank you!

Shelley - I tell you, I don't really know who I am with this whole writing thing. In my "real" life, I take rejection EXTREMELY hard. I guess there must be some sort of freedom for me when I get to hide behind the words?!

Terry - Do you have those moments where you go in and curse at some random email (mine are generally from Go Daddy) that pop up so when I first see a new email I POSITIVE it's a new rejection coming in, too?

Tahereh - Thank you. It means a lot.

Shannon - You're awesome for the pep talk! And no, it is not okay that you said really nice things about me on your blog. How dare you, I insist that you take it down immediately. ;o)

Olittle said...

Only nine queries? Not to bad! Keep your head up, girl. There are lots more fish to for you to try and catch. You can do it!

Saumya said...

Hey girl! Keep going!!! Don't let any rejections bring you down. All you need in the end is one! I'm glad that you didn't allow it to get to you too much; just shows how strong and resilient this process is making you.

Angie Paxton said...

Just came over from a reccommendation I saw on Shannon McMahon's blog. Hey you got a partial after only nine queries. That's great! Pat yourself on the back. It took me 27 before I got a single bite.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I hate to hear about your rejection, Tracy. You're right. You start to 2nd-guess the why of it until you realize there is no real knowing why.

I wrote of rejections and our attitudes to them Thursday. You might find something in it that helps in some small way :

May you soon receive a request for a partial or a full. And you're right again. The more doors you knock on, the more likely one will open for you, Roland

Arlee Bird said...

At least you're doing something and have a plan in place. That's more than a lot of people. Persistence does pay off in the end, but it has to be countered with patience. Have you thought about posting daily, but just shorter most of the time? I've posted daily since I started my blog last September and my posts are often very long. I'm thinking I should just shorten things so I can focus more on other things.

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Slushpile Slut said...

Thatta Girl!! Keep sending those queries out and really 1 out of 9 is not bad....

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