July 22, 2010 | By: Tracy

To Read or Not to Read

While in the break room, getting our morning fix of coffee, a co-worker (who happens to also be a fellow Nook lover) and I had the following conversation…

Co-worker: So, have you been doing a lot of reading on your Nook lately?

Me: Unfortunately no, I’ve haven’t had much time. Between that and my stack of REAL books I’ve only read about 5-6 in the past two months since I got it. (Though I’ve purchased more than a dozen e-books in that span)

Co-worker: Um, I think that’s pretty good, actually.

I realized after that conversation just how widely people’s idea of the term “read a lot” varies. For me I’m most comfortable when I read approximately a book a week (more if I’m on vacation -- or unemployed). So reading only 5 over the course of eight weeks feels like slacking. Truthfully though, I hardly ever read ONE book exclusively. I usually have no less than two/no more than five in limbo going at any given point in time. So I suppose it’s more accurate to say I’m in the habit of FINISHING one book a week.

I tend to forget that this probably puts me more in the “voracious reader” category. I’m sure there are plenty of people who consider themselves faithful readers who don’t (nor do they want to) read at the rate that feels normal for me.

Long story short, I got curious and decided to unofficially poll my fellow blog buddies.

So, how much do you read under “normal” circumstances?

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Bohemienne said...

I'm about on the same pace as you--2 to 3 books going at once, and averaging about 1 finished a week (I'm at 30 for the year right now). But I wasn't always that way. There are entire years where I didn't read a single book that wasn't for work/school, and I'm embarrassed by it. But I read far more than anyone I know "in real life" (as opposed to people I stalk on the internets like you, who tend to be readers/writers anyway!).

I do, however, think people are reading more with the advent of e-readers. Which is awesome!

Matthew Rush said...

This is hard for me to track with any real accuracy. In my youth I could read 50-60 books a year, often reading a whole paperback on a single lazy Saturday. Nowadays I finish around 20-30 books a year. Not as many as I'd like to, but enough to keep me satisfied.

Giles Hash said...

I have so little free time that I try to only read one book at a time. That way I can absorb that story and get the most out of it. Right now, though, I'm reading Julia Child's biography, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Hobbit (out loud with my wife), and Nasty Bits by Anthony Bourdain. All at once.

That's very unusual for me.

KarenG said...

I go through spurts of obsessive reading of a book a week (where I am now), and then long stretches of little reading, like maybe 3 or 4 books a year. Which makes me feel terrible because I know that writers need to be reading.

KarenG said...

Oh, I meant to add, that being active on Goodreads has really helped keep me reading. I just love to write in the books I read and see the number grow.

Terry Towery said...

I'm always reading a book of some kind, either fiction or (these days)something non-fiction about writing. I'd say I read 30-40 books a year. Sometimes more, seldom less.

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Ha! I'm lucky if I get through one book a fornight. But while away I've been getting through one a week, which is AWESOME AND I WISH I HAD THE TIME TO DO THAT ALLLLLL THE TIME!

It doesn't help that I'm a really slow reader either ... ah well

Guinevere said...

Under normal circumstances, I read about two books a week. I usually have multiple books I'm reading at once, as well.

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