August 10, 2010 | By: Tracy

Vampires with Surfboards

It’s no secret that I tend to love me some vampires. From the first time I watched Lost Boys I was hooked. Whether they’re the good guys or the bad guys, teenaged or decrepit, full-vamp or half-human… I love them all. That doesn’t mean I love every story/movie I’ve come across, however, and now I’m more concerned than ever for the future of my beloved creatures of the night.

This weekend they taped the Teen Choice Awards and the YA crowd has spoken. They still love their vampires too! (Before you ask, no I didn’t vote. I’m no longer eligible…you know, since I stopped being a teenager last year *wink, wink*)

The Twilight crew won 12 – yes that’s right, 12 – awards!! They were far and away the favorite in every category they were nominated in.

As if that wasn’t enough vamp lovin’ -- The “Vampire Diaries” (which I love, love, love by the way. Damon Salvatore is my idea of the perfect lovable villain. A bad guy with the occasional soft spot, but still a bad guy) …. Anyway, the CW network’s show collected 7 awards of its own.

So between two crews of vampires, they brought home 19 Surfboards -- it's a Teen Choice thing. That’s crazy!

On the one hand, this makes me happy, because it means that editors and agents will have to realize that this vampire craze isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. At least not in YA land it isn’t. That means more choices for those of us who will openly admit that Anne Rice’s Lestat was our first love – and we all know that once you go fang you can never go back.

But I have a MAJOR concern that the markets (literary, television, etc) will continue to be flooded by people who write about vampires not because they love them, but because they see potential fame and dollar signs behind it.

All of this leaves me wondering what other wonderful things are being way overdone in literature and television that I just never realized because they didn’t resonate with me? Except for police dramas. What is that about??? There are far too many of those shows on television these days. Though, Criminal Minds is da bomb – so maybe I should shut up.

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Misty Waters said...

#1 ~ I grew up in Santa Cruz where the Lost Boys was filmed and the comic book store was owned by my dad's BF. Don't be jealous of my Corey F autograph.

B ~ Lestat? Yum. Not afraid to admit that he was my first.

Lastly ~ I FEEL THE SAME WAY! I wonder about the chances of my current series b/c of it's vamp status, but the crowds are screaming for more! Meanwhile, agents are rolling their eyes at our queries? I hate it.

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