October 22, 2010 | By: Tracy

Paper Books Rule and E-books Drool!

A little while back (okay, a long while back), I created a post poking fun at why I thought E-books were better than the paper version. Mostly tongue-in-cheek, of course. Well, now it’s finally time to flip the switch.

Paperbacks are Better Than E-books Because…

-- It doesn’t cost a couple hundred dollars to replace a paperback you accidentally dropped in the bathtub.

-- Your paperback will forgive you for throwing it across the room after you discover the sadistic author has killed your favorite character without warning. E-readers, not so much.

-- A cracked book spine is a clear sign that you’ve read the book, which makes you look smurt. A whole shelf full of cracked spines makes you look super smurt.

-- Without paperbacks my Edward Cullen bookmark would have absolutely nothing to do. He’s not meant to get dusty, he’s supposed to sparkle dammit!

-- It’s much harder to start a “casual” conversation over the book the cutie seated next to you on the plane is reading (*swoon*) when you have no idea what book it is.

-- You can’t dog ear a Kindle.

-- You actually have to remove the credit card from your wallet to buy a paperback. Yeah you're still going to buy it anyway, but at least you'll remember why you're broke later.

-- In the event of a worldwide power loss in the middle of winter, your least favorite paperbacks make great kindling for a cozy little fire. Whereas your Kindle is useless once the battery dies.

-- You look a little stupid asking your favorite author to sign your Nook.

So there you have it. A few reasons why paper books aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Feel free to add anything I’ve missed.

Happy Friday, All!!!

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KarenG said...

This is hilarious. Where is your tweet this button? I want to tweet this. Oh well guess I'll do it the old-fashioned, copy & paste the URL way.

Tracy said...

Thanks, Karen!

You know, ever since I changed my layout, I can't figure out how to get it to display the twitter, facebook, etc symbols. No matter how many times I go to my design page and ask nicely, it refuses to let me. I'm not giving up though...not yet, at least.

Cheryl Schenk said...

Thanks, Karen for doing it the old fashioned way. I needed a laugh today and this did it.

Great write up, Tracey, and as I too am working on my new site, I understand the glitches all too well...ugh!

Tracy said...

Fixed it!

Guinevere said...

Too funny! I tend to agree with all these, no matter how tongue in cheek you meant them, since I don't have an e-reader yet... However, like the iPhone that I thought was overhyped until my husband begged me to get one with him, I'm sure I'd love one once I had it!


Wonderful! I'm with you all the day. I love reading on my computer (I'm too cheap to buy a kindle), but I REALLY love the relationship I have with physical books. I love how they feel in your hands. The book is an incredible invention. I can't think of many inventions that have lasted so many centuries, so successfully. Love your post.

Jessica Bell said...

hehe. Great points! I'm still a sucker for paper ...

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone feels the same way. One of my biggest dreams is to own a book shop, and I don't want real books to go extinct before I get my chance. Inspiring words.

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