October 20, 2010 | By: Tracy

Writing Hell and More Cheesy 80's Movie Trivia

Okay, so here’s a quote from another one of my favorite old 80’s movies. Let’s see who gets it first.

“I’m setting bootie twaps.”
“You mean boobie traps.”
“That’s what I said, bootie twaps.”

Oh the perils that we writers can be put through when trying to find an agent (as if writing a novel isn’t mental strain enough).

So last night I have this epiphany, if you will, and the query that I’ve been struggling with for nearly a month just came together. The tone, and which details to include, all finally flowed together and that proverbial light bulb clicked on inside my head. I won’t go so far as to say the Angels started to sing my praises, but for a moment it felt like they might be warming up. And then…

It dawned on me that I’ve spent so much time worrying about my query letter that I forgot I still need to revamp my synopsis. And this is what I looked like when that realization hit.

Yep, my hair turned into a mustache and bushy eyebrows. I may have even said rachet frachet more than my fair share of times.

One day, we’ll look back on these days and laugh…right?

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Misty Waters said...

Goonies ftw!!

Oh, and I've definitely been there with the forgotten synopsis. I felt like such a tard! I'm AWFUL at the synopsis, too. Like, awful awful. AWFUL. Bad, bad, bad. Did I mention awful?

Justine Dell said...

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the Goonies! ;-)


Tracy said...

Correct on the movie quote!

The Goonies is one of my all-time favorites!! In fact, it took me longer to figure out which quote to throw out there then it did to write the rest of the post.

Shannon said...

I utterly fail. I've never seen The Goonies. I know, I know...

The synopsis? Leaves me with cold sweats.

Writing's so much fun! :p

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