November 4, 2010 | By: Tracy

Tracy in Queryland

Alice in Wonderland was never a favorite of mine as a kid. Like Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory it was filled with way too much off-the-wall, trippy stuff for my already overactive brain. They taught me, at an early age, I was not cut out for hallucinogenic drugs.

Now that I'm an adult and re-entering the world of querying, I'm beginning to feel a little more like Alice every day.

Sending out a query (or several of them) and hoping for some sort of response, is kinda like hanging around  the castle waiting for the Queen of Hearts to make an "OFF WITH HER HEAD" command.

My ego is beginning to resemble the results from the "Eat Me", "Drink Me" potions: one minute I feel larger than life, the next I feel small enough to fit through the rabbit hole.

Many of my writer/blogger friends (wrapped up in their own querying--not to mention NaNoWriMo) are starting to sound like guests at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

And no matter how I try to immerse myself in other things, my manuscript hovers in the corner, grinning at me like that damned cat.

It's enough to drive a girl insane. Or at least make her want to toss on a blue dress, pair of tights and a headband from time to time.

Anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

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Matthew Rush said...

Not lately, but I have DEFINITELY been there. You describe it very well. Please let us know if you ever need some emotional support. You can email me anytime.

Terry Towery said...

Well, no. I don't often feel that way. But I DO sometimes feel the urge to pull on a blue dress, tights and a headband every so often. ;)

Just kidding (as far as you know). I ALWAYS feel like that when I'm querying. It hurts. No question about it.

Melissa said...

I <3 you a little bit for this FABULOUS post. I feel like that right now, not about querying or anything but just with all the stuff I need to get done.

Also, I dno, my brain always feels sort of like a trek through wonderland - it's actually why I've loved it since I was a kid: I really identified with the nonsense.

"made me realize I wasn't set out for hallucinogenic drugs" HA! AWESOME post girl. (I may have misquoted you but I didn't feel like scrolling back up to get the exact phrasing.

Jessica Bell said...

LOL. I feel like that on a day to day basis!


adam.purple said...

Umm. No. Yes. Sometimes.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Oh, I can so relate to this! I'm almost relieved when agents take forever to get back to you or are non responders. It's easier to forget you're querying that way. At least it is for me . . . until a rejection lands in my inbox. ;)

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