April 1, 2011 | By: Tracy

Hi, I'm Tracy. The Resident Book Club Idiot

So, yeah, second month of the book club and I pretty much completely forgot about it. *face palm*

In my defense, work was a bit crazy in March, and . . . okay, mostly, I've just got completely sidetracked by reading two separate YA series at the same time. Luckily, I've read one of the selections previously, so I'm still going ahead with this post. Feel free to join in if, unlike me, you remembered to read your book.

If you forgot, no sweat. I promise to do better in April.

(Speaking of which, one of the selections is most definitely going to be CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS by Cassandra Clare. What can I say? I'm totally a Jace girl . . . actually, if I'm being honest, I love Magnus Bane more than anyone.)

So, feel free to respectfully post your thoughts in regards to the book(s) you read:

Not quite sure what to talk about?  Feel free to steal some of these ideas:
-- Overall did you enjoy the story? Would you recommend it to a friend?
-- Do you plan to read the rest of the series?
-- Who was your favorite character? Why?
-- Were you satisfied with the ending?
-- What do you wish the author had done more of?
-- What do you wish the author had done less of?
-- Were the characters likable? Were they believable to you?

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Gina said...

LOL, I can't do book clubs because I don't like being told what to read - or do, in general. So you're forgiven. And you've won an award on my blog, so stop by if you have a chance : )

Tracy said...

Gina - this book club is a pretty easy going one, as you can see. That's why we give give multiple choices and people are allowed to drop in and out as they please. :D

Tracy said...

As for me, I was planning to read A Brush of Darkness. It's sitting in my Nook and will be read . . . just not in time for this post.

Instead, I'll talk about Succubus Blues: It's no secret that I'm a huge Richelle Mead fan. I read her VA series first and wasn't sure if her adult stuff could live up to standard. But the concept of a succubus who's grown tired of her lifestyle was done in a fun, fresh way. Add into it the complication of falling in love (not to mention lust) with a guy she can't touch without taking time off his life . . . talk about conflict.

I also love the rag-tag cast of friends around her. They make for some major fun, snarky comments.

My only issue with this book (and the series, actually) is that I'm not a huge fan of her love interest. Seth is a good guy. A REALLY good guy, which might explain why I find him a little boring at times. But Georgina is crazy about him and that kind of makes it not so bad.

So anyway, YES, I would definitely recommend this series to others who enjoy a good adult urban fantasy that isn't too light or too dark and has some great, witty dialogue and a fast moving plot.

Katie Mills said...

Oooh, I love Richelle Mead (can't wait to read the last VA) and kind of wondered what her adult stuff would be like. Guess I'll have to order this one too!

Anonymous said...

These are great questions to keep in mind for a book club meeting.


Regina said...

Oh, Brush of Darkness is on my TBR list. I just love Allison and her blog. She is so fun and feisty. They all look wonderful. Hope you enjoy them.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Oops! Still haven't read Succubus Blues (still have it, though). I got side tracked with rereading City of Glass. Since my copy of City of Fallen Angels is in the mail, I will definitely be participating this month. :D

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